Bread - Jeffrey Hamelman

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Název: Bread / A Baker′s Book of Techniques and Recipes

Autor: Jeffrey Hamelman
Jazyk:  Angličtina
Vazba: Pevná
Počet stran: 528
Nakladatelství: John Wiley & Sons


Recipes ix
Acknowledgements, Changes To The Third Edition and Random Thoughts xi
Preface xiii

Part One Ingredients and Techniques 1

1 The Bread-Making Process From Mixing Through Baking 5
2 Ingredients and Their Function 27
3 Hand Techniques 49

Part Two Formulas and Decorative Breads 77

4 Breads Made With Yeasted Pre-Ferments 83
5 Levain Breads 141
Inserts C-1
6 Sourdough Rye Breads 209
7 Straight Doughs 279
8 Miscellaneous Breads 313
9 Braiding Techniques 401
10 Decorative and Display Projects 429

Appendix A-1

Developing and Perpetuating A Sourdough Culture A-1
Three Important Milling Tests A-14
Flour Additives A-16
Baker’s Percentage A-18
Desired Dough Temperature A-20
Yeast Conversions, Fresh To Dry A-22
Dry Yeast Conversions, Ounce To Tablespoons/Teaspoons A-22
Glossary G-1
Bibliography B-1
Epilogue E-1
Index I-1
About The Author AA-1